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Connecting neighbors, building community

At Simply Neighbors, we're here to connect neighbors. If you're settled into a neighborhood, Simply Neighbors is your tool to keep up-to-date on neighborhood news, issues and meetings, chat with others, and advertise goods and services just for your neighborhood. If you're looking for a home or apartment, Simply Neighbors has the information you need to help you choose the right neighborhood for you.

Simply Neighbors is the place to:

Find out about what's happening in your neighborhood. Neighborhood news and contact info for your neighborhood planning board or home owner's association is right at your fingertips. A special members-only section lets you advertise goods and services, chat or post messages on a bulletin board, and learn more about what's happening in your neighborhood or apartment community.

Explore neighborhoods from home. If you're looking for real estate listings or an apartment guide, our quick and easy search engine will help you locate the neighborhood you want. Whether you're interested in golf courses, school districts, or parks, we can help you find the neighborhood near it. As you check out neighborhoods, you'll learn about their amenities, features, and covenants.

Advertise your products or services on the Simply Neighbors Trading Post. Do you have used cars for sale? Mow lawns? Provide babysitting or child care services? Want to post your garage sales or estate sales? Check out the Simply Neighbors Trading Post. It's an easy-to-use electronic classified ads section.
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