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Briarwood Estates Homeowners Association

Briarwood Estates Homeowners Association, a Slawson-developed community, consists of 251 homes and includes the sub-divisions of Briarwood Lakes Estates, The Thickets, and Lost Creek Estates. Residents of both The Thickets and Lost Creek Estates have a dual homeowners association obligation, as they also belong to their respective HOAs. Briarwood is one of west Wichita’s first up-scale neighborhoods, rivaling those in other areas of Wichita in prestige, comfort, and convenient location. Homes range in value from $175,000 to $350,000-plus. We are located 15 minutes from downtown Wichita and 10 minutes from Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

Briarwood Estates Homeowners Association offers many amenities – a bargain for the $300 annual association dues, with no initiation or other fees. Briarwood offers new homeowners several attractive amenities. We have a swimming pool, two large recreational lakes tucked into a nature habitat, walking paths, picnic pavilions, a tennis facility, a baseball field and soccer field for our young aspiring superstars of tomorrow. We also contract with a security company to patrol our neighborhood, offering the extra-added measure of security for our residents. We’re sure that you’ll discover what our residents have discovered – Briarwood is one of west Wichita’s best kept secrets.


BEHOA has a swimming pool available to homeowners in all three sub-divisions. We have two large lakes for private use, bordered by a large “park” or natural habitat that runs adjacent to the Cowskin Creek. Fishing and canoeing are common past-times (sorry, no swimming in the lakes). Residents take frequent strolls through this natural area, oftentimes catching a glimpse of various species of wildlife including deer and an abundance of native birds. The “east” lake is surrounded by a sidewalk with a beautiful, scenic bridge crossing over a narrow inlet on the west end of the lake. The “west” lake or “the Thickets Lake” (as we refer to it as) is visible from 119th St. The “east” lake is not easily visible from 119th St. and is tucked back into the southeast quadrant of the BEHOA property. The “east” lake has two fishing piers and a scenic island with yet another wooden bridge providing access to it. We have picnic pavilions and barbecue pits in three places around the lake. Families frequently take the opportunity to host social functions at these facilities. In addition, for the sports-minded, we have a tennis court facility, a baseball field and a full-sized soccer field both of which many of “coach” homeowners use for their childrens’ athletic teams. Access is gained to the lake and athletic facilities via a gated, paved driveway. These amenities are BEHOA’s sweet surprise as they routinely draw rave reviews from visitors and comments like “wow, this is beautiful” and “I never knew things like this existed”. Needless to say, it’s a source of great pride for all of us! Finally, we have patrolled security throughout the neighborhoods to provide an extra measure of security, from late spring through Halloween.

Public school district: BEHOA is located within the jurisdiction of the Wichita Public School System USD 259

Briarwood Estates HOA
P.O. Box 75062
Wichita, Kansas

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